Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Aftermath

The Mad King Thorn has come and gone back to the Underworld. What we had this Halloween was a great time doing events, completing achievements, discovering recipes and obtaining new items. There's a few Halloween related things you can still do while waiting for the next year to pass, which revolve around the items and other benefits obtained during the event.

In the previous post it was mentioned that during the event people should keep an eye on items that are not soulbound and not likely to disappear after the event, and stockpile those items instead of selling them during the event. Now that the event has ended, those items can no longer be obtained, leaving only a limited quantity available in the market, which will cause the price to rise in time as the items exit the market.

Halloween weapon skins were available by a chance from the Black Lion Chests and Mad King's Chests. These will exit the market as people transmute them on their weapons, making the skins soulbound. The skins are rare and have a high price already, which will tempt a lot of people to sell theirs in the very near future. Only the most patient ones will collect the real reward later.

In addition to the Halloween weapon skins, there were also pieces exotic armor available that become soulbound on use. These Mad King armor pieces had a chance to be obtained from the Glorious Chests in the Mad King's Labyrinth after completing group events, once per day per character. The armor pieces have +3% Magic Find (in addition to Power and Condition Damage) which make them desirable among a lot of people.

There were several Halloween specific crafting materials available, that can be used for crafting recipes introduced during the event, even after Halloween. The materials are Pieces of Candy Corn, Trick-or-Treat Bag, Nougat Center, Chattering Skull and Plastic Fang. These will exit the market as people use them for crafting, eat Pieces of Candy Corn or open the Trick-or-Treat Bags.

There were also many new recipes introduced for every crafting discipline. Some of the recipes were discoveries, while some were available from recipe sheets.

Discoveries can't be stockpiled or sold (directly at least), but were a good thing to obtain never the less: being able to craft items not everyone can gives one an edge and a good chance for profit. If people did not learn the discoveries now, they need to wait for a year to pass before they get another chance to learn them. There were also some account bound recipe sheets available from karma vendors for the Chef and Artificer disciplines. Crafting Halloween items requires the Halloween materials and - as always - it should be calculated whether it is more profitable to sell the materials or sell the crafted product.

The recipe sheets which were not account bound (nor soulbound) came from the Mystic Forge and also had a small chance to be found within Trick-or-Treat Bags. These recipes exit the market as people learn them on their characters. There were three new "Gift" recipes for each of the weapon crafting disciplines, which are used for making components for Mad King weapons. In addition to the Gift recipes there were recipe sheets for Major and Superior Runes as well as Sigils for every armor and weapon crafting discipline. Some people most likely wish to obtain the Mad King weapons during the following year, and these Gifts and their recipes will be very sought after. And if people wish to obtain those Major or Superior Runes/Sigils, they need to either buy the recipe or the rune from someone. Here one should consider if it is more profitable to sell the recipe or learn it and sell the crafted products.

There were two more things that yielded profit during the event in the form of opportunity cost. If one completed the Mad King's Clock Tower jump puzzle, they were rewarded exotic level 80 footwear, a soulbound piece of the Mad King armor set. The reward was given once per character, so if one was an expert doing the puzzle, they could get the boots for all of their characters and save the money and time they'd normally use for crafting or buying exotic footwear on their level 80 characters. These boots were soulbound and could not be salvaged.

In addition to the boots there were also 10 slot bags available, if one completed the Ascend to Madness dungeon. Once again, obtaining these bags instead of buying or crafting bags saves one money and yields profit in the form of opportunity cost.

Even if one did not stockpile these items extensively, everyone likely still have some of the Halloween items in their inventory. And if not, stay positive: the Christmas event will arrive soon and you will be prepared with more inventory space! Instead of getting rid of the stockpiled items in the near future, one should put them into a safe storage; the darkest corner of their bank or the deepest pocket of their alternative character - a place rarely seen in order to avoid the temptation to sell them. After six months or so, wipe away the spider webs and have a look at how much the items are going for in the Trading Post - you will likely see a pleasant surprise!


  1. 10 slot ToT bags are limited to one per account unfortunately.

  2. Guild Wars 2 gold guideJanuary 11, 2013 at 2:17 PM

    I enjoyed the Halloween event and god, am I glad I did not invest in candy corn.

  3. Also, I would like to add that the halloween skins are a great source for gold if you have the gold to invest in them.