Friday, August 10, 2012

Kitten Crafting Station?

Welcome to read the very first post of Kitten Crafting Station, a new blog focusing on crafting and trading in Guild Wars 2 - and everything in between and combined. This first post is a simple introduction, written to give you a clear idea of what kind of topics you will see uncovered here in the future.

I wish this blog to become an up-to-date comprehensive source of information to all Guild Wars 2 players who are interested in crafting and perhaps even in profiting from it. There will be some articles covering the more basic areas for the people who are not yet very familiar with the subject, as well as articles that uncover more advanced topics and will hopefully give some brand new ideas to even the most knowledgeable in-game entrepreneurs. Also, when the situation calls for it, I will take on the freedom of talking about some other subjects related to trading which don't necessarily depend on crafting, but are still interesting things to think about and take into consideration. I will also update older posts when changes occur in the game.

If the above paragraph piqued your interest, feel free to keep a regular eye on this blog or even subscribe to the RSS feed. I have not set an exact schedule for the posts, but I can assure you that the articles will be topical and that at the moment there's plenty of topics I wish to uncover. As long as I have something to say and my passion for trading and crafting in games remains as inextinguishable as ever, I will keep on writing.

Canton Factorium, the crafting district of the Black Citadel - See you there!